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ISO 9001:2001

the TRAMP TRAIL company is one of the main commercial partners of all trucks producers in Poland. We posses the official certification of approval (homologation) for all cars bodies and trailers that we produce.


Top quality - Modern technologies

  • BPW®
  • Dekra®
  • Firestone®
  • Haldex®
  • Pirelli®
  • Saf®
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maximum weight 4.5 - 7t

maximum weight 4.5 - 7t
  • the lightest goods vehicle, sophisticated running gear, full automatic regulation and computer control - ABS modulator, long between-service mileages, servicing is reduced mainly to lubricating and screw coupling control,
  • body: tent, curtainside, container,
  • pipe drawbar with square cross-section, made of high endurance steel, vertical stress up to 750kg possible, operating angle available in the set up to 90,
  • steel main frame and fire zinc plated framework, longerons of the main frame ventilated by the technological holes to reduce gross vehicle weight,
  • running gear tandem: centrally placed,
  • axles: GFA with AGS system and ABS airbag suspension,
  • braking system: full twin line system with ABS modulator and the control valves,
  • tyres: 5 x 215R14C (4,5 T DMC) / 5 x 215R17,5 (7 T DMC) - 1 spare tyre in a basket below the chassis,
  • adjustable folded drawbar bracket,
  • rear brackets which enable loading and unloading of the disengaged trailer.
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