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ISO 9001:2001

the TRAMP TRAIL company is one of the main commercial partners of all trucks producers in Poland. We posses the official certification of approval (homologation) for all cars bodies and trailers that we produce.


Top quality - Modern technologies

  • BPW®
  • Dekra®
  • Firestone®
  • Haldex®
  • Pirelli®
  • Saf®
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Trailers are all our company's history. As one of the few on the market we can say - we began with trailers.

In brief: trailers are our passion. This passion is very noticeable when you start using our products. Certainly, it is the result of our fifteen-year-experience of being on the trailer market.

However, it is not the end. There hasn't been a single year without introduction of new solutions or technical novelties into already existing designs, or without entirely new products. We keep pace with the needs of our clients and dynamically developing transporting market. Therefore you can be sure that the choice of our company - a mature and seasoned expert - is definitely worth your money.

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