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ISO 9001:2001

the TRAMP TRAIL company is one of the main commercial partners of all trucks producers in Poland. We posses the official certification of approval (homologation) for all cars bodies and trailers that we produce.


Top quality - Modern technologies

  • BPW®
  • Dekra®
  • Firestone®
  • Haldex®
  • Pirelli®
  • Saf®
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tent trailers

tent trailers
  • entire steel structure, fire zinc plated,
  • no sideboards,
  • bent central sideboard posts for side loading,
  • rear posts screwed on, removable, additionally painted the colour of the curtain,
  • rear curtain flap,
  • a step on the rear sideboard to facilitate access to the loading space,
  • plywood floor, waterproof, anti-slide, sheets supported at least in two points, additionally reinforced lengthwise at the edges,
  • floor belt holders placed about every 1m on both sides,
  • front wall: steel bent screwed on to the chassis, filled with plywood full height, additionally painted the colour of the curtain,
  • the curtain frame reinforced with 5 rows of wooden boards, additionally one row of 200mm floor boards,
  • solid frame roof, riveted curtain,
  • a system of sliding curtains, made of special material, basic weight 900g/m
  • net 12x12, reinforced by internally hot-fixed belts - vertically and horizontally, curtain tightened on the side by auto-tightening system and vertically by tightening clamps fastened to the side every 50cm,
  • curtain sides on rolls fastened to the upper cross-beam of the frame, the sides additionally secured at the top by a rubber flap,
  • lights indicating the contour of a vehicle, PCV mudguards, rear rubber bumper posts.


  • toolbox,
  • water container,
  • custom-painted logo
  • sleeper with an independent heating system
  • hydraulic loading jack,
  • spoilers,
  • sliding roof,
  • rear double door, one lock per each door wing, stainless door fittings, painted in the colour of the curtain,
  • Hestall sideboard posts to ensure maximum internal loading width, i.e. 2480 mm
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